Found in Texas City

We recently stumbled upon a remarkable postcard, in an unlikely place. It happened while visiting the historic Davison House as part of a tour of Texas City with our class from the University of Houston. Although there appears to be no direct link between the Davison House or the Davison family to the industry of bay shrimping, this card was being sold as one of the few pieces of Texas City historical merchandise available for purchase at the house (postcard cost: 10 cents). We wanted to share the image not just because we love postcards of shrimp boats (the image on our header above is also a postcard) but this particular card image from Texas City describes the unique context of Galveston Bay in ways that few other images can. And the simple caption of the postcard, “Good Neighbors”, suggests the idea of a balance between ecology, economy and culture… an idea that defines the mission of Shrimp Boat Projects.